Friday, March 20, 2015

Get real with Reality TV

Reality TV is far from educational but you have to admit that they are damned well good fun to watch.

I can not speak for others and I have no jurisdiction over television stations that air these types of programme. However this type of entertainment can be very fulfilling in providing pleasure to viewers who get withdrawal symptoms should they not get their weekly fix of reality TV.

Then we have the vast majority who find it all so false and irritating.
Who do you please? A catch 22 situation,

Why the big issue over the showing of these series is beyond me. No one twists your arm up your back to view the antics of the Big Brother house; no one holds your head steadfast while you squirm at the creepy crawlies swallowed by the inhabitants of the Australian jungle.

There is no imposed law out there stating that you the viewer have to watch this garbage as some would see it. Millions of people tune into their favourite channels and are content to watch what they enjoy, and if reality TV is one of those channels, then so be it.
Freedom of choice, so many laws out there dictating how we run our lives with out some critic sticking the oar in to scrap reality television all because it is not educational.

If people want educating then surely they will tune into the discovery channel, where they get to see the gruesome remains of bodies unearthed for DNA testing.

For updates as to what is going on around the world we have the CNN news showing the bombings in Iraq followed by flashes of pictures of bony skeletal starving kids in Africa.

Crime watch another awareness programme on how to catch a thief or nail a mugger while they load up a mug shot on our screens of the bloodied battered face of the 80 year old woman mugged for her pension. Sorry I have done enough crying for the day watching all that suffering.
If reality TV can generate a strong presence of pleasure and put a smile on the faces of millions who enjoy this type of entertainment, then leave it be.

To much crying in the world today and if reality TV takes on the role of being clown for the evening to put a smile on your face then make sure to tune in every week.

Remember you will always get the critic or the anti reality TV person ready to wipe the smile of your face. Well for those people against, face up to reality and deal with it, as it is here to stay.

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