Monday, September 30, 2013

Discover Yours: Local recommendations powered by you and your friends

There’s something so exciting about discovering new places. Nothing beats finding a great new place I’ve never been—whether it’s a new bakery with a special dessert, a hole-in-the-wall Mediterranean place I didn’t notice before or a local art gallery where I can let my imagination roam free.

The challenge with finding those great places is that each of us has different tastes. I want to find places I like and I want to find them quickly. So when I’m overwhelmed with possibilities, I turn to sources I can trust. For example, if I’m in a new city, I might chat with the concierge at my hotel and explain to him the kinds of places I like so he can give me personalized recommendations, or I’ll ask my friends for local recommendations because I value their opinions and we have similar tastes. But finding trusted advice is hard; wouldn’t it be great if there was a way for me to get these recommendations all the time, everywhere I go?

We are trying to do exactly that, and today we’re excited to share the first step: an early release of Hotpot - a local recommendation engine powered by you and your friends. With Hotpot, we’re making local search results for places on Google more personal, relevant and trustworthy. There are three main ingredients in the Hotpot recipe:

  • Google Places - These are the 50 million places around the world for which we have rich details.
  • The places you like - When you rate places you like, we’ll tell you about other related places you’ll love. I love my favorite neighborhood restaurant in Noe Valley, Firefly, so when I rate it 5 stars, Hotpot will try to recommend other places for me in the city with simple, homey food such as Home restaurant.
  • The places your friends like - Share your ratings with your friends and see the places they’ve recommended. I’m planning a trip to Barcelona for the holidays and my friend Bernardo is a local. With Hotpot, I can see his recommendations when planning my trip on Google Maps, or when I’m in Spain using Google Maps or Places for Android.

Combining these three ingredients makes the hard task of choosing where to go easy; all you need is to rate places and add your friends. To do that we created the Hotpot rating app: quickly rate all the places you’ve been to and choose exactly which friends you want to invite to Hotpot. Then, when you’re visiting places, you can continue rating on the go from Mobile maps on Android.

Rate from the Hotpot rating app

Rate from Mobile maps on Android

Your recommendations are with you whenever you need them. In search results, you can see recommended places by using the new Place Search and clicking on the “Places” filter. You can also see recommendations when searching on Google Maps, Google Maps for Android or when checking the Place pages for a specific business.

Recommendations on Place Search

Recommendations on a Place page

Recommendations on Google Maps for Android

You can set a Places nickname (here’s how) when you start using Hotpot, so you control how you post your ratings. That way, only your friends will be able to see your real name.

Happy hotpotting!

Posted by Lior Ron, Product Manager

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Google Boost: Now available in additional U.S. cities

We recently announced that our new search advertising program, Google Boost, is available to local businesses in San Francisco, Houston and Chicago. Based on the great feedback and results from early participants, the beta is expanding to additional U.S. cities. Starting today, select local business owners can sign in to their Google Places account and try Boost if they’re located in San Jose, Seattle, Wichita, Charlottesville (VA), Atlanta, Chapel Hill, Orlando, Washington D.C., Boston, Cross Plains (TX) and Portland (ME). We’ve also made Boost available for all local businesses in Illinois.

A Boost ad for Houston-based Click Photography, and it’s corresponding blue map pin

For those of you who are not yet familiar with Boost, it’s a quick and easy way for local businesses to market themselves and connect with potential customers in their area. Based on the information you’ve already provided on the Place page for your business, we provide a suggested ad description, a web or Place page, your business categories and a monthly budget. Once you’ve confirmed these four simple elements, our system automatically creates an ad campaign. Your ad may start appearing almost immediately when people in your area search online for products and services related to your offering. And what’s more, you’ll only pay when a potential customer actually clicks on your ad. To be clear, the ranking of Boost ads in the “Ads” section of the and Google Maps search results pages are based on relevance and quality factors; and Boost ads do not impact the ranking of your free, organic business listings.

Over the next week, eligible businesses in the cities mentioned above will see an invitation to try Boost when they sign in to their Google Places account dashboard. Business owners located outside of these areas can fill out this form to be notified when Boost expands further to their regions.

Posted by Kiley McEvoy, Product Manager

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Quick Most cancers Detectors, Creates Most cancers Procedure Reasonable

80 percentage with most cancers clients around Asia will be clinically determined in the later part of the point, as soon as despite expending Rs. some lacs that will 65 lacs for procedure, it's not at all attainable to conserve these folks. R & d by way of research workers plus the medical community has created them attainable that will recognize most cancers earlier on, with regards to wholly treatable. Difficulties task is based on building people today which these theirselves is often a key around revealing most cancers by way of Regular Personally Check-up plus in the process of Total Health and wellbeing Check-ups as well as Most cancers Tests.
60 % with prevalent most cancers is often seen during precancerous plus quick point. When wholly treatable by way of expending marginal money, in truth most cancers procedure expenditures are 10% at the begining of scenarios, as compared to 100 percent at the end of staging with fibrome.

Most cancers that is seen by way of personally check-up will be fibrome with Busts, Expérience, erectile organ, mouth plus Skin tone. Most cancers cervix is often seen during precancerous point by way of uncomplicated pap coat. Many other most cancers which are often seen quick involve prostatic plus butt.

Accessibility to most up-to-date procedures with most cancers prognosis, built in multimodality most cancers procedure conveniences, tumor snowboard responses that will graph and or outside personalized end premature ejaculation much like overseas procedure protocol, favorable mind-set of your getting rid of party plus monthly carry out highs are yet to exclusively designed most cancers procedure reasonable, there are as well improved upon the exact emergency premiums plus lifestyle, suggests Doctor Ings. Khanna, Full-time Leader with India's primary and after that NABH recognized most cancers the hospital, Dharamshila The hospital Plus Homework Core.

Dharamshila Hospital's work to create most cancers procedure reasonable involve, absolutely free most cancers tests for anyone on the associated with 40years pertaining to quick prognosis; good using of lastly systems diffusion modern advances; not bettered qualified ability; medication plus disposables to get remarkable procedure benefits; financial assistance for procedure that will lagging chapters of the exact world plus absolutely free procedure that will treatable indigent clients.

Insurers, PSUs, Corporates, Government health and wellbeing arrangements can help you 100s of ?il-de-perdrix with rupees simply being utilized by remedying of later part of the staging with fibrome by total most cancers tests essential for thier beneficiaries plus offering quick most cancers detectors. It will as well support in protecting eighteen. some cherished everyday life simply being displaced that will fibrome on a yearly basis around Asia. Less than Nationalized Most cancers Deal with Course, most cancers mindset plans need to be intensified as well as medical practitioners in Government. dispensaries, key health and wellbeing colleges plus centre the work place need to be prepared pertaining to quick detectors with most cancers in making most cancers procedure reasonable.

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