Saturday, June 7, 2014

How to Connect NetSuite Web Services With Java

In contrast to other Cloud based ERP systems, NetSuite is a platform for the creation and integration of other applications. One mainstream programming tool used in business based software development is Java. And this means we are interested in how to use Java to connect to NetSuite's Web Services tier. Java continues to be popular - it is open source, mature, and it has a large development community. Java exists as a contrast to Microsoft's. NET development platform.

The way to connect Java to NetSuite is through SuiteTalk, which is in essence the way NetSuite has exposed its system via web services. Web Services is a standard way that modern platforms expose functionality to users in a secure manner to connect up and process logic. NetSuite is acting as the server, and anything that manipulates it, is the client. As you may probably already know, Java traditionally exposes itself as a server, and other applications consume Java. Here, however , we're going to make Java a client technology that connects with NetSuite services.

Under some assumptions to help illustrate how to connect, we will reference some of the most popular tools for this process. Many others exist. First download and use the Java implementation on Tomcat, which works with the Apache web server on a Linux system (we like to use Ubuntu). Next, you will need to install Axis, which is basically a tool that allows for both the creation of server based and client side web service applications. From there, we will use Axis to connect with NetSuite through their WDSL, which is a URL pointer to a description of how NetSuite exposes all its web services.

With Axis now configured inside Tomcat, when we consume the NetSuite WSDL, it will create the proxy objects, which will be available to the Java environment so that our Java developer can program NetSuite. NetSuite will appear to the Java developer as a set of Java classes that are manipulated like any other object. Most developers will use Eclipse for their open source integrated software development (IDE) environment.

This will essentially get you hooked up, but there's now an important step in the process: "how do I manipulate NetSuite effectively? ". This requires a good understanding of NetSuite's Web Services library. Although everyone appreciates more code|code calculatordecoder|free codes|decoderdecoding|sstandards|regulations|unlock} examples, the documentation is pretty good. We have developed a number of NetSuite web service applications and the environment works well.

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