Friday, July 4, 2014

How to Make Your Car Experiences Remarkable

Instead of basing your playlists to your moods, why don't you flip the table and base your moods to your playlists? When you go out of the house every day and drive your car to work, do you feel any special feeling? Some uplifting of the spirit perhaps or maybe some positivity to start your day?

Those situations may be farfetched when you go to work not because you love to but because you have to. You can't help it if you choose to do what you hate to give for your family. It's your choice after all.

What you can do, however, is to stop feeding negativity and hate into your system. Music heals the soul. You have the choice to blast positive and uplifting music from your car audio.

Once in a while, ride with people who make interesting conversations

It's always great to talk an intelligent conversation with someone, especially if that someone is a friend. I find that conversation feeds the mind, and I believe I don't have to emphasize that heart-to-heart talk feeds the soul.

When you have such a friend on board, make sure that you have a healthy exchange of words. That will not only pass the time while you are driving, but that will also give you new things to think about.

Improve on your car

Your car is not just another thing in your possession. It is like your home. It is a part of your family more than you realize. I am not saying that you get all fanatical and change every car part after every few months or install every new gadget to your car.

All I'm saying is that you take care of your car. Install a new car audio when it malfunctions. Install a car alarm system to make sure its safety. Give it the occasional paint job-and every little thing you can do to make your car a bit more beautiful.

Go on spontaneous road trips

Don't let the boring pattern of your work affect your life as well. Your work is just a small fraction of your existence. You are more than your computer and your creaking office chair.

You deserve to give yourself a break from this soul-sucker every once in a while. Spontaneous road trips might just do the job for you. Don't think things through. Just drive to the place you first set your mind on and enjoy the ride.


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