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TIP BUSINESS: Man That Asset Important

TIP BUSINESS: Man That Asset Important
Indonesia, reveal tips to start a business in front of dozens of students of the Institute of Technology Bandung.

"The first is people, people and people. Human beings are the most important asset. Sometimes we Indonesian people have less desire to learn.

More search opportunities. In fact, learning is a human responsibility, "he said during a discussion ITB Entrepreneurship Challenge - EXPO 2013, in Soehanna Hall, The Energy Building, Jakarta, Saturday (13/4/2013).

Learning is the key to a novice effort, but often beginners attempt was not hungry to learn.

Handry said he often saw a new company which already gets hit, immediately investing to expand their business, regardless of human learning in the company.

Do not provide training, one of them.

Second, a novice business must humble. This attitude can destroy all the red tape. Bureaucracy rated Handry an illness the company when its business grows.

"You create a bureaucracy and you trap yourself. For example, you create a long procedure for anyone else who wants to contact you. I myself do not like bureaucracy is complicated. Contact I can by phone, e-mail, or Twitter account. Easy, "he said.

Thirdly, novice business must have a strategy. According Handry, strategy is the choice to be different from other competitors.

He cited a soup stall lung near campus, Bogor Agricultural University. Soto lung was tasty extraordinary as to visitors who want to enjoy it to queue length.

Another example, a coffee shop commonly visited Handry. Coffee shop that had coffee that tasted normal, nothing special.

However, Handry love coming there because each he needed an outlet, maid tavern sprightly help. Or, when Handry not be a table, the waiter immediately finds a table for him.

"Product soto lung and service coffee shop that their strategy. That's what makes them different from other places and customers keep coming there, "he said.

Fourth, beginners business must have extensive networks
. Do not ever feel satisfied to know some famous people, but be content to know a lot of people, from the famous to people who are not famous.

"Do not be too satisfied has a network alma mater of your own," said Handry terminated laughter from the students.

Fifth is durability. According to Handry, many things that ended up being a problem because someone does not have enough staying power.

A new study shows people who live in the countries crossed by the equator easier happier compared to other countries.

Therefore, one of which, the countries equator it, including Indonesia, have abundant natural wealth and beautiful.

"This study is debatable. Based on that study, I assess our nation not puya durability strong because we are spoiled nature of our own, "said Handry.

Indonesia can actually have a level of high competition from other countries. According Handry, Indonesia had local companies that can compete globally.

"Suppose Indonesia has such a company, we are no longer the object but a subject of global," he said.


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